Connor Concrete Cutting & Coring was established in Norco, California in 2012. The company was inspired by and bears its namesake as a tribute to Connor Penhall, the son of company founders, Bruce and Laurie Penhall.

Connor had his sights set on a career in law enforcement long before he was of age to apply. He took on odd jobs to get work experience and built a tremendous work ethic. He became a shop boy in the concrete cutting business – an industry his father and grandfather both have called their professions. He worked his way up through the ranks to become a full-fledged concrete cutter.

Twenty one year old Connor’s ambitions were cut short in April 2012. While working on a late-night freeway job, an alleged drunk driver struck and killed him. The loss of Connor has become the inspiration for this Penhall family to keep it together and carry on, with an industry that has served the Penhall family well and one for which there is great mutual respect and gratitude.

The aim as a minority owned and operated business is to deliver the best quality product and service with passion, pride and enthusiasm for great work at a fair price. We are proud to be of service and would be most grateful to do business with you.