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Connor Concrete Cutting & Coring

Making your vision become a reality.

Whether it’s a large complicated contract, or a simple service call, we are the ones to call to get the job done. We are a Union certified contractor, who specializes in working on both Public and Private jobs, commercial, airport and freeway work.

Why Us

Connor Concrete Cutting & Coring

Our staff is badged at LAX, are certified in CPR/First-Aid, OSHA 10 & 30 certified, as well as hold multiple certifications such as aerial boom lift, confined space, asbestos & lead awareness, and annual respiratory fit testing. We have a skilled team of professionals who have decades of experience that will save you time and money by doing it right the first time.

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Serving Southern California

Connor Concrete cutting & Coring

We offer a Variety of Services

Connor Concrete Cutting & Coring offers a large variety of services, which include GPR, GPR concrete scanning, flat saw, core drill, wall saw, wire saw, ring saw, excavation on both large and small scales that include a compressor crew, backhoe, skid steer, excavator and mini-excavator and many more. All of which will meet your needs efficiently and effectively.  We are a Union certified contractor and are able to work at Public Works and Private job sites, commercial, freeway work, and residential.

Compressor & Demo Crew

Equipped with 60 & 90 lb jackhammers, rivet busters, chipping guns and rock drills, our crew is able to break and haul away material that would normally be inaccessible for heavy equipment.

Core Drilling

All of our trucks are stocked with bits ranging from 0.5” to 12” in diameter at all times. We have the capability to core drill up to 48” in diameter, and can do to any desired depth needed for your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar

We use GPR technology to avoid radiation exposure. Safe to use around sensitive equipment at hospitals, airports, nuclear power plants and hydro-electric facilities. Our GPR machining has the ability to locate objects in concrete up to 24″ deep.

Flat Saw

Including multiple sizes of walk-behind flat saws to meet project needs. Ranging from a 47 HP to a 62HP saws, with cuts up to 27.5 deep in both asphalt and concrete. Our flat saws can be used indoors where ventilation is a problem.

Wall Saw

This technique is employed when we need to make precise vertical and horizontal cuts into a concrete structure.
Remote operated and can cut up to 27.5" deep.

Chain Saw

For cutting small duct openings, vent shafts, and cutting corners of openings without overcuts, our electric chainsaw up to 18” deep.

Ring Saw

For those situations where you have a small opening and cannot have any over-cuts, we can ring saw those openings going up to 9.5” deep.

Hand Saw

If maneuverability and space are limited, we also offer hand saw services to get into those tight areas. We can cut up to 5” in depth with this technique.


Skid Steer

Mini Excavator

Connor Team

Family Owned & Operated

Our Mission

Our mission as a thriving women-owned and operated concrete company is to consistently provide unparalleled quality products and services. Driven by unwavering passion, unyielding pride, and boundless enthusiasm, we strive for excellence in every endeavor, all while ensuring fair pricing for our valued customers.

Connor Concrete Cutting & Coring

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